Anadolu Kartallari (2011) DVDRip

Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

Anadolu kartallari (2011)
aka Anatolian Eagles (2011)  
Release Date: 28 October 2011 (Turkey) 
Genre: Adventure | Drama | Romance  
Stars: Engin Altan, Cagatay Ulusoy and Ozge Ozpirincci 
Quality: DVDRip  
Encoder: Demitos@Ganool  
Source: DVDRip XviD-OpeD  
Release Info: NFO  
Subtitle: Indonesia, English  
Sinopsis: Anatolian Eagle is an air force exercise hosted by the Turkish Air Force and held in Konya, Turkey. There are both national and international exercises held, the international exercises usually involving air arms of the USA, other NATO forces and Asian countries.
Production on "Anadolu Kartallar?" (Anatolian Eagles), one of next season's much-anticipated movies in Turkish cinema, is in full gear with filming currently under way at Konya's 3rd Main Jet Base, news agencies reported this week.
The movie, commissioned as part of centennial celebrations of the Turkish Air Forces, is slated for an Oct. 29 release, also marking the Turkey's Republic Day national holiday.
Produced by Fida Film and directed by Ömer Varg? with a budget of $10 million, "Anadolu Kartallar?" is one of Turkish cinema's most expensive productions to date. Five aircraft and two hangars at the jet base in Konya are being used in filming, which will also travel to ?stanbul, ?zmir and Eski?ehir throughout the end of its nine-week filming period.
The film's producer Murat Akdilek told the Anatolia news agency on Tuesday that the movie is of considerable importance as it is the first time such a project -- a film with many scenes featuring fighter jet flights -- has been undertaken in Turkish cinema. A specialized film crew was brought in from abroad for the filming, he added.
Along with the cast, there are also trained mechanics who are required to both act and take care of technical aspects of the equipment in the movie, the producer explained. "In this regard, this is a complete first in Turkey," said Akdilek, adding, "There have been short sequences of car chase scenes in Turkish films before, but a film with a quarter of its screen time devoted to scenes of fighter jets in dogfights has never been made in Turkish cinema to date."

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